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Mexican Indian Costumes
"Mexican Indian Costumes" is a large volume full of both black and white and full-color photos and detailed descriptions of the costumes of various nations and tribes. Beautiful and informative. $69.99. Stock number 92720.

A sample page of costumes

American Indian Myths and Legends
"American Indian Myths and Legends" is a large softback book with selections chosen and edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz. For all you lovers of American Indian tales, this is a book filled with quick reads. $7.99. Stock number 50409.

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
"Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" is the documented account of the systematic plunder of the American Indians during the second half of the nineteenth century, battle by battle, massacre by massacre, broken treaty by broken treaty. This is their side of the story of the old west. This hardback volume with dustjacket contains forty-nine photographs of the great chiefs, their wives and warriors and their own words. Written by Dee Brown. $7.49; stock number 92333.

The Indians of the Great Plains
This large book with lots of full-color photographs tells the story of the plains indians of North America, their igrations, their lives, the wars, edicines and mysteries, with text by Norman Bancroft-Hunt and photos by Werner Forman. Beautiful, informative book. $7.49; stock number 52627.

Big and Little Sisters
"Big and Little Sisters" is the story of an Indian mission school and its residents. It was written by Theodora R. Jenness and published in 1909 by David C. Cook. A lovely little book. $14.99.

A bonus!

Sitting Bull and the Indian War
This is a very old account of Sitting Bull W. Fletcher Johnson and published by Edgewood Publishing Company in 1891. It is a hardback with very decorative albeit worn cover and loose hinges. The pages are intact and in fairly good condition for their age. $24.99. Stock number 98612.

Check out Sitting Bull

Maine Indians in History and Legends
The Maine Writers Research Club gives us this glimpse into the lives and legends of the native Americans in Maine in "Maine Indians in History and Legends" published by Severn-Wylie-Jewett in 1952. This is a first edition with only a portion of the dustjacket present (front and inside flap of info). It is in otherwise very good condition with owner's name on front end paper. $149.99. #78771.

The dustjacket as it were

The Earth Speaks
Written by Princess Atalie, The Earth Speaks is full of native American stories of medicinal plants and other of nature's offerings. Beautifully illustrated and written! $14.99. #98918.

Listen to the Earth


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